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Design team

The identity, poster, collateral, and interactive components of the AIGA Next conference are the product of a unique collaboration of AIGA Colorado members. The following are some of the people who have generously donated their time, energy, and ideas to this process:

Core Team
Hugh Graham; Fred Murrell; Jason Otero; Craig Rouse

Extended Team
Stuart Alden; Doug Ekstrand; Rafael Fajardo; Keith Harley; Shane Kendrick; John Kjos; James Moore; Mike Roy; Travis Stiles

Conference Identity
Art & Anthropology: Jason Otero, James Moore, Mike Roy, Joe Lamarre

Registration Poster
Asher Studio: Russ Chilcoat, Connie Asher

Trade Advertisements
Barnhart: Tasso Stathopulos, 

Chapter Postcard and Reminder Postcard
Ellen Bruss Design: Ellen Bruss, Charles Carpenter, Jorge Lamora, Adrian Horovitz, Lisa Wright

Interactive Design
Hugh Graham Creative: Hugh Graham; Michael Arnold Mages; Travis Stiles

Name badge kit, guest passes and Happy Hour tickets
Ekstrand Creative: Doug Ekstrand and Matt Crest

Attendee directory
Ema Design, Inc.: Thomas Ema and David Hilgier

Speaker gift card
Jordan Carver and Natalie Zanecchia

Vermilion: Kevin Bonner, Lorena Fox, Katie McKenna, Bob Morehouse

Title slides
Teddy Blanks, William Drenttel, Jessica Helfand, Cavan Huang

Command X identity, logo and title slides
open: Scott Stowell

Student Symposium title slides and stage design
Brian Twigg

Environmental graphics and stage design
Gensler: Carrie DeRamo, Amy Siegel; CommArts: Chuck Desmoineaux, Keith Harley; R design: Craig Rouse

Music Curation

Technical integration

Orin Fink, Steve Jensen, Thomas P. Sychay