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Moderated by Alissa Walker, design writer and editor of, the “Next” Student Symposium inspired, informed, entertained and let you in on some secrets on how it’s done and how to make the transition from school to studio. Below are some of the topics and voices that attendees heard from!


Thursday, 1:00–4:00 p.m.

Choosing Partners over Postal Codes
Allyson Lack, Jennifer Sukis and Pamela Zuccker, Principle, Inc.
The women of Principle share a common vision when it comes to their design business: it isn’t about where they work, but with whom they work. For young designers who dream of opening their own firm, this is an opportunity to hear the story of how this company found success on its own terms by making relationships more important than zip codes. Hear their advice and personal experience on getting the most out of first design jobs, establishing a firm and forming a unique partnership, and learn what the future holds for design entrepreneurs and for this multi-city trio.
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Essential Attributes of the Graphic Designer
Adrian Shaughnessy, author of How to be a Graphic Designer Without Losing Your Soul
What are the essential requirements needed to function as a designer in the contemporary scene? Looking beyond the obvious requirements of passion, commitment and talent, we’ll explore the key skills that enable the modern designer to produce work with more than just surface relevance. Examine ways of coping with the demands of clients in a challenging and pressurized work environment, and investigate methods of avoiding professional and personal disappointment and dissatisfaction.
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Kerning Your Way to the Top
Gail Anderson, creative director, SpotCo
So, now what? You’ve just graduated, and armed with your new portfolio, you’re ready to conquer the world. But how are you supposed to do that? Is good letter spacing enough in a world of office politics, competition and unspoken dress codes? Listen to some honest advice from an art director who’s been out there working with up-and-coming designers for probably as long as you’ve been alive. Hear stories of cell phone calls taken during interviews, excessive cleavage, cockroaches in portfolios and other astounding workplace dos and don’ts from someone who can honestly say she’s seen it all.
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Say "No!" to Helvetica—Type from the Streets
Garth Walker, Orange Juice Design
The design of lettering is every designer’s secret weapon. Assuming you have reasonable drawing skills and an “idea thinking” brain, the next talent you’ll need is an ability to draw letterforms and create type. Based on his publishing experience at creating the “mythical African typeface,” Garth Walker shows how students and professionals in South Africa have used “found” and “vernacular” lettering from city streets and townships to design new and exciting fonts. It’s easy, fun and, above all, hugely empowering. And you won’t need to know your Roman from your cuneiform.
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Specialization is for Suckers
Adam Brodsley and Eric Heiman, co-founders, Volume, Inc.
Had enough of your parents, your teachers and your employers imploring you to find a focus in life? Admittedly, it’s not such a bad idea since no one likes a dilettante, but no one said you had to spend your design career designing just logos, or just annual reports or just websites. Brodsley and Heiman, founding partners of Volume Inc., will talk about the many joys and, even a few pains of keeping the studio job list varied and exciting.
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Community convocations | Affinity sessions | Student symposium | All presentations and podcasts