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ECO friends from the 4th dimension
that i gotta wear shades
Children : the best next that we can hope.
Pack up move on . . .
Design Karma
where lines are blurred
Collective Impact
AutoDesigner never says no!
What's Next: Introspection is OK
What's Next: Awareness is a Blessing
What's Next: Truth or at Least the Promise
What’s Next: Hope and Aspiration
What’s Next: Logic Alone Becomes a Prisoner
What’s Next: Parenting with Purpose
Technology and its components will become the burden of the lower classes. The wealthy, in search of a more purist existence, will begin to eschew technology and come to see Ludditism a symbol of high cultural status.
Seeing what's NEXT
Building tomorrow through design
What is Next: We always tell students that what separates their portfolio from anothers is the ideas. The concepts. It’s not how pretty everything looks, it’s about the ideas. Designs firms are also defined by the quality of ideas, and how effective their work is – meaning does it help their clients objectives. Our ideas appear – and go in many directions. To the trash - or to the wall for more discussion. And even then they may end back in the trash. We don’t really know until we do something. That’s NEXT.
The Humans Are Dead
A curricula template redefining the teaching of graphic design in a historical framework of language, culture, technology and expression.
ECO friends from the 4th dimension

Park your car tomorrow
donebyme, Stockholm, Sweden

ECO friends from the 4th dimension

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